Do You Miss Your Homeland of Nigeria?

Posted on: 8 July 2019


As a Nigerian, was your greatest dream to move to the United States of America? Perhaps you are a Nigerian student living in the United States only long enough to finish your college education. Or, you might be living in the United States for business purposes. No matter the scenario, no matter how much you love the USA, and no matter how many friends you have made while living here, do you sometimes get lonely for your own country? 

If you do get lonesome for the things you left behind, here are some ideas that might help you.

Watch Nigerian Celebrity News 

Don't you live in an incredible time of history? In just seconds you can send texts and emails to your friends and family who still live in Nigeria. And, it's just as easy to get news about Nigerian celebrities. Plus, it's just sometimes fun to get juicy gossip, isn't it? For example, maybe you want to know what's going on with people like Don Jazzy, Ice Prince or Davido, famous Nigerian male celebrities. What's the latest with Etinosa and Maria Okan, female Nigerian celebrities? You can find that out by watching Nigerian celebrity news.

When you watch the news from Nigeria, you're also probably going to find out other things that are going on, and not all of it will be pleasant news. For example, you might learn about murders, robberies, rapes and other disturbing information. No matter where one lives, that's just part of life, right?

Arrange for Nigerian Get-Togethers 

Have you already made friends with other Nigerians who are also living in the United States? Maybe you've been lucky enough to have Nigerian kids in your classes, or maybe you were fortunate enough to find a church where you can worship with other people from your home land. 

No matter how or where you have met other Nigerians, consider arranging for social get-togethers so that you can get to know each other better. Meet at your home or in a restaurant that is centrally located and easy to reach.

If you meet at your home, think of asking those you invite to bring a dish from your country so that you can share the foods you miss. If yore meeting in a restaurant, consider finding new ones where you can taste different American cooking. For example, head to a modern southern food restaurant. No matter where you eat, you're likely to end up talking about Nigeria, and you might even discuss the latest Nigerian celebrity news.